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Dec 1. 2003 -Inhalation Therapy

General recommendations ( Must be adapted to individual ! )
Date: 3 Inhalations a day for 5 days:
Child's name & weight
0.2-0.5 cc VENTOLIN Solution ( or Bricalin ) with Water 1.5cc ( for a total of 2cc per inhalation )

once a day. Twice daily ( morning and evening )
0.3 cc Ventolin, 1.0 cc Flixotide Amp ( 0.5mg/2cc ), 0.7 cc Water. Total of 2 cc per Inhalation.

As a result of cough and wheezing the doctor has has decided that your child needs to be treated with inhalations to help him/her breathe easier.

Inhalations are generally done with a machine that one can (and should if this is the first time) borrow at a number of places ( the list of places in Rehovot is at this document). A new machine costs about 300 NI Shekel. Maccabi members can get a sizable refund of the purchase expense if they have a letter from their doctor recommending purchase dated before they bought the machine.

Inhalations are done with liquids, the most important being a "broncho-dilator" , usually Ventolin or Bricalin. (Salbutamol). This method of giving the medicine is much more efficient than with syrup, and worth the added effort. This treatment does not mean your child has Asthma. It only means he is wheezing.

This treatment is not habit-forming; nor does it affect his future health. Inhalations last about 10 minutes. You prepare a dose of medicine and water immediately before each use. The medicines are helpful for up to 4 hours; so one can repeat treatment every 4 hours; even if the doctor's recommendations are less frequent. (As usual - if in doubt = call !

In order to do inhalations you will need the following:

1) An inhalation machine.
2) A new mask ( they are disposable; and can be purchased at the places that loan them out )
3) The medicines ( Ventolin ; Flixotide etc. ) You need a prescription.
4) Water for inhalation ( or sterile saline ). You do not need a prescription.
5) A 1cc syringe ( for diabetes ) 100units = 1 cc

The dosage of the medications is weight dependent. No more than 0.5 cc of Ventolin for a child.

Water is added for a total of 2 cc.

Water " for inhalations" Water must be sterile. It can be either water "for injections" or "physiologic" water or "Saline". The best way to buy it is in small plastic bottles, (ampules ). Generally 10 - 20 cc . They can be repeatedly used for one day. They cost about 2 NIShekel )

Doing the inhalation Takes 5 - 10 minutes.

It must be done with the mask covering the child's face. (A mist in front of his face will not work). It is important to entertain your child during this boring treatment. A few books or a video are a good idea. Generally children get used to inhalations after the first one or two. They notice the improvement in breathing within a few minutes.

Inhalations with a spacer/aerochamber

Inhalations can also been done with a simple combination of a small "spray" with a plastic or aluminium canister ( it looks like a widened tube ) called a spacer. These come with a mask. The advantages of this method is that it does not require electricity; is small and easier to carry; and you do not have to "prepare" the medicines. It also only takes 2 minutes. ( Ten breaths after each dose of the spray ). It is less effective than the inhalation machine for people very short of breath.

Where can we loan medical supplies in Rehovot?

1. YAD SARA ; Haneviim Street 8. ( Opposite the "Kanion") 08- 9450764 Open daily: 9:00 - 13:00 Sun;Tues;Thurs. 16:00 - 17:45 Friday 9-11:00
2. NTIV HACHESED; Mnucha VeNachla Street 4 & 8. 08- 9450355 ; 9463493.
3. EZER LeTZION; Mendele Street 18 ( next to the Municipal Library ) 08 - 9456144. Open: 9 - 14:00 16:30 - 18:30.

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