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Dr. Hoffman's Clinic


Dr Hoffman's clinic is private and does not belong to Kupat Holim.
As a "independent" doctor I see patients from Maccabi and Meuchedet; as well as private patients.

The clinic does not accept new patients from Kupat Holim currently. This is Dr. Hoffman's decision, in order to maintain the high level of personal care that the clinic strives to maintain. Acceptance of new patients is solely Dr. Hoffman's decision.

Dr. Hoffman does not represent Kupat Holim and can not make policy decisions. The secretaries can not give "Tofes 17" ( payment forms ) or provide information regarding Kupah services.

As a specialist in Family Medicine, Dr. Hoffman cares for children from newborns, and adults of all ages. I believe the entire family should be cared for by one doctor, to improve the family's health.

Making Appointments

Always make an appointment. We strive for efficient time management, and try to keep your wait to a minimum. Any "walk-in" disrupts our attempts to plan clinic work, and provide quality medicine.

The secretaries are available for setting appointments throughout the clinic day. After hours please leave a message on the answering machine, with your name, telephone numbers and your preferences. The secretaries will call you back between 8 - 8:30 the following morning.

Please tell the secretaries the nature of your problem. More involved problems require more time. We will plan your appointment accordingly. New patients and infant "well care" visits are given longer appointments. The more information we have, the better we can plan your visit. Two people should not be seen in a single appointment, it compromises the quality of the health care.

Where are we situated:

The clinic is in the center of Rehovot, on 8 Gordon St.
It is a 5 minute walk from the police station on Herzl Street.
Car Access is from Herzl Street via Hanasi Harishon or from Menucha VaNachala Street.


Free curb parking is available in front of the building. Additional parking is available in the empty lot adjacent to the building.

Clinic numbers: 08-9361106 or 08-9433798
Fax: 08-9362450
After hours phone consults ( till midnight )
Dr Hoffman's beeper: 03-6106666; subscriber number 37378
( leave a message with the operator and I will call back )

The beeper service is for patients only.

Clinic Hours:

Clinic open daily from 8 AM.
Dr. Hoffman comes in at 8:30.
The clinic is open until 6 PM Sunday Monday Tuesday & Thursday And until 1 PM Wednesday and Friday.

Private patients/Tourists

Dr Hoffman sees patients privately depending on available time.
I am bilingual ( English/Hebrew ).

I am American-born and have been in Israel since 1970 and did my training in Israel.

Extended consultations generally require an hour or longer, and are set for after regular clinic hours. Payment is required in cash.( We do not accept credit cards or insurance payments ).


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