Cyma Hoffman has many years of experience in healthcare. Working with Primary Care physicians, at community clinics for more than a decade, Cyma has been involved in many aspects of patient counseling and care.

Cyma is the mother of five breastfed children. She trained as a Lactation Consultant, IBCLC Certified and has had successful experience counseling many breastfeeding mothers. Cyma also trained as a Group Counselor for new families/young couples. Many "new" mothers have benefited from Cyma's guidance.

She is a graduate of the Ben Gurion University in Behavioral Sciences, and a practicing holistic therapist combining Reiki (grade II specialist), Theta healing, and Biorgonomy.

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Positions for breastfeeding Important recommendations for all positions:

  • First of all GET COMFORTABLE! Sit in a chair that Supports your back and arms.Pillows can be helpful. Using a pillow under your arms holding the baby can help support both of you.
  • Support your breast with your hand in a C - hold.
  • Bring the baby to your breast when his mouth is opened widely, just below the center of the breast.
  • His lower lip should be covering most of the areola.
The following positions described are given for feeding from the right breast.
The same can be done with the opposite hand for the left breast.
In a sitting position, hold the baby across your stomach, with the base of your baby's head and neck held just below the crook of your right arm while supporting his body with your right hand. Hold the baby close to your body chest to chest.

Keeping baby as, described above, you support your baby's head and neck with your left hand and his body with your left arm. Keep his body close to your stomach. Support your Right breast with your right hand.

Hold the baby at your right side supporting the base of his head and neck with your right hand and body with your right arm. Keep the baby's body close to your right side. Support your breast with your left hand. Be sure not to press against his head.

Lay on your right Side with pillows supporting your head and back. Your baby lies on his side facing your breast with his head level with your areola.